PiloTREK - Radar level meters

PiloTrek radarový snímač hladiny

  • High accuracy ± 3 mm
  • Measuring range up to 23 m depending on the size of the funnel antenna
  • Possibility of antenna encapsulation
  • 2-wire connection 4-20 mA
  • 25 GHz (K-Band) frequency
  • Plug-in display and auxiliary SW procedures for easy installation, elimination of permanent obstacles, reliable measurement
  • Different types of stainless steel holders and covers for quick assembly
  • High temperature design up to 180 °C
  • Models for potentially explosive atmospheres

Basic description

The main advantages of the device include high measurement accuracy of up to ± 3 mm with a very small dead zone, small dimensions of antennas and related easy installation, low beam angle, and last but not least affordability - the price of the sensor in the basic version is 28,800 CZK without VAT.

The sensor head can be made of plastic, aluminum alloy, or stainless steel. Depending on the application, different antenna designs are available, including encapsulated ones. The antenna housing is replaceable. The sensor ranges can be programmed via the plug-in display or by connecting the M4016 control and evaluation unit.

Measurement principle

The measuring principle of non-contact pulse radar sensors is based on measuring the flight time of a signal reflected from the medium level. The speed of propagation of this microwave signal is not affected by the environment, temperature or pressure, and therefore this method is used mainly where, for example, non-contact ultrasonic measurement fails.

The device emits several nanoseconds of microwave pulses that propagate toward the surface. Depending on the type of medium, some of these microwaves bounce back to the sensor and the electronics calculate the level according to the flight time.

The quality of the reflected signals is significantly dependent on the measured distance, the level (calm, swirling, the occurrence of foam) and especially on the relative dielectric constant of the medium, which should be greater than 1.9. Water has a dielectric constant of 80, alcohol 24, diesel 4.

Mechanical design

PiloTREK sensors are available in various sizes and designs of funnel antennas. Sensors with plastic and stainless steel antennas encapsulated in polypropylene or loose are available.

The sensors are also available in high-temperature versions up to 180 ° C or in intrinsically safe versions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


PiloTREK WES-140                           PiloTREK WES-150

PiloTREK WES-140                 PiloTREK WES-150

Standard design of sensors with different sized stainless steel antenna and this results in different measuring ranges.


      PiloTREK WHS-140

   PiloTREK WHS-140

High temperature sensor design, encapsulated antenna.

 PiloTREK WGK-150

  PiloTREK WGK-150

Stainless steel design of the sensor body designed for the food industry, display.

  PiloTREK WJS-183

PiloTREK WJS-183

High temperature sensor in flange design.

Examples of use

Due to their high accuracy and stability of measurement, radar sensors are used for measuring the level of liquids, liquid mixtures, emulsions and sludges wherever there are increased requirements for the achieved accuracy and reliability of measurement. Radar sensors can also be used in operations with the occurrence of steam above the surface, where ultrasonic sensors stop working reliably.

  •      Water management
  •      Environment monitoring
  •      Energy
  •      Food, beverages
  •      Pharmacy
  •      Chemical industry

Connection of the sensor to stations H1 to H7, Q2, ...

PiloTREK sensors are connected to the analog current inputs of units H1 to H7.

Since the supply voltage of the sensor must be at least 20 V, it is necessary to insert a step-up voltage converter DC1224 between the sensor and the connected unit, which can be ordered together with the sensor from FIEDLER AMS s.r.o. The 12V / 24V booster converter is designed with negligible self-consumption and high efficiency, so that even during continuous operation of the sensor, the 12V supply battery of the unit does not overload too much.

In the case of a measuring set without an external supply voltage, the sensors are supplied in the energy saving mode of the unit, in which the supply voltage is connected to the sensors at an adjustable measuring interval (usually 10 to 60 min) only for the time necessary to perform a valid measuring cycle. With PiloTREK sensors, this time can be up to 120 sec, so it is advisable to use a battery with a capacity of at least 45 Ah or to ensure, for example, solar battery charging.

Holders and radiation covers

A stainless steel holder DUK1 or DUK2 can also be ordered together with the PiloTREK sensor. Both holders are characterized by a robust design and contain a radiation cover of the sensor open on one side only, which can also serve as protection of the sensor against vandalism.

The DUK1 holder is intended for attachment to a vertical mast using stainless steel Bandimex tapes, the DUK2 holder is adapted for attachment to a horizontal boom using stainless steel brackets.


Basic technical parameters

Measured quantitiesLevel, distance; calculated quantities: volume, weight
Signal frequency~25 GHz (K-band)
Measuring range0,2 m – 23 m (according to antenna type)
Linearization error (according to EN 61298-2)< 0,6 m: ±15 mm ; 0,6 – 1 m: ±8 mm ; 1 – 10 m: ±3 mm ; > 10 m: ±0,04% measured distances
Beam angle11°  (according to antenna type)
Minimum εr media1,9  (according to antenna type)
Rozlišení1 mm
Temperature error (dle EN 61298-3)0,05% FSK / 10 °C (-20 °C ... +60 °C)
Power voltage20 V … 36 V DC
Output signal4-20 mA + HART
Local viewpluggable display SAP-300
Output delay10…60 s according to the settings
Antenna diameter38 mm (1 ½"), 48 mm (2"), 75 mm (3")
Antenna materialFunnel: 1.4571; encapsulation: PP, PTFE
Operating temperature-30 ºC … + 80 ºC
Maximum working pressurek25 bar at 120 ºC; with plastic housing: 3 bar at 25 ºC
Ambient temperature-20 ºC … +60 ºC
Process connectionaccording to order codes
ProtectionIP 67
Electrical connection2x M 20x1.5 + female thread 2x ½ ”NPT for cable protection, outer cable diameter: Ø7… Ø13 mm, cross section: max.1.5 mm2
Head materialPlastic (PBT) / Varnished aluminum alloy
StuffingViton, EPDM
CertificatesATEX, IEC Ex, FM (in the approval process)
Price list