• Control of water supply facilities
  • Limnigraphic and telemetry station, weather station, warning system
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS module: warning and control SMS, data transfers to the Internet
  • Software support for inter-instrument communication, time and logic relay control, ...
  • The modular system guarantees high versatility of the device
Small telemetric stations and data loggers
  • All common measurements in the water industry, the environmental monitoring
  • Battery operation up to 10 years for the telemetric stations and 20 years for the data loggers
  • External power supply for the continuous maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic data transmission to the database server via the GSM/GPRS network, warning SMS
  • Remote parametrization via a Web browser and the MOST software 
Smart Metering - H11 pro dálkové odečtu měřidel a vodoměrů

Communication modules for remote readings of water meters, electricity meters, ...

  • Data collection via existing networks GSM/GPRS, LoRa, Sigfox, NB
  • 2 to 3 inputs for each communication module
  • Server data processing support (CloudFM)
  • Operating time comparable to the replacement interval of the connected meter
  • Ultrasonic level meters in the range from 1m to 15 m
  • Immersion hydrostatic sensors for clean and waste water
  • Float sensors with a wide measuring range up to 30 m
  • Radar level sensors for accurate measurements
  • Sets for measuring levels in wells, sumps and reservoirs
Flow meters for open channels
  • Flow measurement in an open profile by calculation from the consumption equation
  • Flow measurement by Doppler method in pipes and sewers
  • Transfer of measured data to the database on the server
  • Graphic and tabular visualization of measured data
  • Print monthly balances via web browser
  • sensors for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, ORP, conductivity and temperature, ...
  • Sensor and calibration unit assemblies for quick calibration at the measuring point
  • Automatic recognition of the type of connected sensor
  • Alert the operator to the elapsed recalibration interval
  • Robust mechanical design adapted for continuous operation in a WWTP environment
  • Rain gauges, rain detectors, soil moisture sensors
  • Propeller and ultrasonic anemometers
  • Measurement of temperatures and heat fluxes
  • Global radiation sensors, vapor measurement, meteorological stations, snow meters
  • Relative humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors
Accessories for control units and data loggers
  • Cabinets for placing dataloggers, measuring and control units, telemetry stations
  • Expansion I / O modules
  • Mains power and backup sources
  • Solar panels, maintenance-free batteries and lithium batteries
  • Antennas for GSM and satellite communication, communication cables
Industrial and residential water meters
  • Wide range of water meters for small residential buildings and large industrial complexes
  • Electronic pulse probe connectable to all offered water meters
  • Easy connection to the M4016, STELA and Hydro Logger H1 telemetric stations

Server data hosting, software products, SIM cards and data packages

  • Programs for parameterization of telemetry units and dataloggers
  • Online web services for registered users of FIEDLER AMS devices
  • Mobile application for data readings, device management and parameterization
  • SIM card rental, prepaid data packages