Server software and services

Online web services for registered users of FIEDLER AMS devices
  • Providing data space for transmitted measured data
  • Visualization of measured data, including many additional services
  • Parameterization of devices and control of their functionality, automatic alarm messages
  • Two simultaneously accessible portals for older and new devices

Program for parameterization of devices and basic processing of measured data

  • Setting and changing the parameters of devices first placed on the market until 2015
  • Archiving of parameter files of individual devices and their management
  • Graphic and tabular visualization of archived data
  • Display of current measured data and diagnostic data



Program for parameterization of devices placed on the market after 2015

  • The application is primarily intended for cloud environments without the need to install the product
  • An off-line version is available for parameterization in places without connectivity with the server
  • The offline version is installed on a Windows or Linux operating system
  • Visualization of parameters in tree mode and in wizard mode

Current water levels of rivers and precipitation totals

  • Freely accessible website with many hundreds of stations located throughout the Czech Republic
  • Data from CHMI limnographic stations and river basin enterprises
  • Data from local warning systems of cities and municipalities (LWS)

Mobile application for data readings, device management and parameterization

  • Application mainly for parameterization and management of SMART metering modules
  • Wireless communication with devices simply by attaching via NFC or Bluetooth
  • Unit diagnostics and support for manual readings
  • Synchronization with the CloudFM web portal for manual readings of measuring devices

Tool for setting parameters of probes and sensors equipped with RS485

  • Setting of communication addresses in the RS485 network
  • Switching of communication protocols between FINET and Modbus RTU
  • Setting other user-accessible parameters
  • Available on the manufacturer's website for experienced registered users

SIM card rental for FIEDLER AMS telemetry stations

  • SIM rental based on a contractual relationship between FIEDLER AMS and the station owner
  • One-time activation of the SIM and subsequent loan of the O2 SIM card with the M2M tariff
  • The price of the monthly flat rate includes 1 MB of GSM / GPRS communication data
  • SIM card available for the Czech Republic and the EU

Charged service for SIM and Datahosting rental for selected FIEDLER AMS devices

  • The price of the initial SIM activation package, data transfer costs and data hosting services
  • In the offer of packages with different durations, a longer period of time is usually cost-effective
  • It is possible to set automatic renewal of the data package