VYPAR-1200 stationary evaporimeter class A


Výparoměr vapor meter

Evaporimeter assembly

The stationary evaporimeter VYPAR-1200 in the basic set contains a measuring evaporation with a diameter of 1207 mm with an area of 1.14 m2 with a height of 450 mm, which is made of stainless steel with a reinforced edge and can be sunk into the surrounding terrain to achieve comparable temperature, wind and humidity conditions with the environment.

The basic set of the VYPAR-1200 evaporimeter also includes control electronics for controlling two pumps, a pump, a watering can for replenishing evaporated water and a solar panel with a battery, including a charging regulator. The set is completed by a precise strain gauge level sensor with RS485 output under the MODBUS RTU protocol (optionally with a 4-20 mA analog output).

Autonomous management of filling and pumping

A simple autonomous evaporator control unit automatically controls the pumping of water into the measuring vessel from a jug located near the evaporimeter and also controls a second pump located not at the bottom of the measuring vessel, which is started only when the level of the measuring vessel rises after heavy or prolonged rain. The control unit, including the pumps, is powered by a 12 V accumulator continuously charged from the solar panel. 

Výparoměr vapor meter

Record of measured evaporation

The evaporimeter set is supplied either separately in the basic version without a recording unit, where the output of the level sensor is connected to a suitable input of the existing meteorological station, or including a small telemetry unit type H1 or H40.

Alternatively, the extended set can be supplied with another type of FIEDLER AMS recording unit, to which the supplied strain gauge level sensor can be connected.


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