Global radiation sensors

Highly accurate pyranometer with excellent linearity

  • Possible use as a secondary standard
  • Spectral range from 285 nm to 2800 nm
  • Typical sensitivity 10 µV/W/m2
  • Included in the delivery is a shielded cable 10 m

Reliable and affordable pyranometer with excellent accuracy and linearity

  • Spectral range 310 to 2800 nm
  • The delivery includes the manufacturer's calibration sheet
  • Long-term sensitivity stability is better than 1%/year
  • The set also includes a shielding cover and a 10 m long cable terminated with a connector
Snímač globální radiace: pyranometr SG002

Pyranometer with integrated signal amplifier

  • Sensitivity 0 - 1200 W/m2
  • Voltage output 0-2V
  • Connection via M12/4 connector
  • Mounting on a mandrel with a diameter of 12 mm
NetRadiometer CNR4

Incident/reflected shortwave/longwave radiation sensor

  • Pair of Up / Down pyranometers (300 to 2,800 nm)
  • Pair of Up / Down pyrgeometers (4,500 nm to 42,000 nm)
  • Internal Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Possibility of adding a ventilation unit to the radiometer
NR Lite2 - NET radiometr

NET radiometer with one voltage output in the entire measuring range

  • Wide measuring range from 0.2 to 100 µm
  • PTFE protection of the measuring thermocouple permeable to the whole incident spectrum of radiation
  • Voltage output type 10 µV/W/m2
zesilovač pro netradiometer CNR4, převodník RS485

Highly accurate measuring signal converter from global solar radiation sensors

  • Two measuring inputs for direct connection of pyranometers
  • Two measuring inputs for direct connection of pyrgeometers
  • Two measuring inputs for direct connection of Pt100 temperature sensors
  • Digital output of measured values on RS485 under FINET protocol (Modbus RTU)
DNR2 Držák pro Net radiometr CNR4 Holder for Net radiometer

Robust universal stainless steel holder for NET Radiometers

  • Mast mounting with 1" (33 mm) to 2" (60 mm) brackets
  • Adjusting elements for leveling the device to a horizontal position
  • Use not only for meteorological stations