Extension of meteorological stations about special sensors

Extension of meteorological station about special sensors The unit M4016-G3 is fundamental part of a meteorological station. This unit has up to 32 recording channels and several universal inputs. It is possible to connect sensors which are not contained in a standard meteorological configuration (e.g. sensors and sondes monitoring river, water level, conductivity, etc.)

 Extension of meteorological station about special sensors We supply measuring modules TEP-08 for measuring more temperatures. Each module contains 8 temperature sensors Pt100. The length of PUR cables is optional. It is possible to connect more modules TEP-08 to the station M4016 via serial interface RS485. Each module TEP-08 can be distant from the station up to hundreds meters. Modules TEP-08 are delivered as a hermetical type with fixed length of PUR cables or as type with screw terminal to which the user connects own cables or cables with temperature sensors Pt100 delivered by our company. Advantages of the hermetical type of measuring module are resistivity to humidity and put up with permanent immersion.