probe HygroClip2 HC2-S humidity and temperature

Characteristics of hygrometers RVT12, RVT13

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  • Hygrometers include unique HygroClip2 measuring probes with ROTRONIC HYGROMER IN-1® sensor
  • Exceptional and unrivaled accuracy of the hygrometer in the entire measuring range 0 ... 100% RH, -40 ... 60 ° C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.8% RH (± 0.5% RH)
  • Temperature measurement error ± 0.1 ° C
  • Reproducibility <0.02% RH
  • Unique AirChip 3000 technology, internal electronic compensation at up to 30,000 points
  • Hygrometer self-diagnostics and automatic deviation correction
  • Long-term stability better than 1% RH / year
  • Two standard voltage outputs 0..1 V for relative humidity and air temperature (RVT12 sensors) or RS485 serial interface (RVT13)
  • The calibration coefficients stored in the probe and the connector connection allow easy interchangeability of the probes in the sensor
  • Separately replaceable polyethylene probe filter

Basic description of hygrometers

The RVT12 and RVT13 (/ RK) relative humidity and air temperature sensors use the highly reliable, accurate and stable HydroClip2 probe from the Swiss company ROTRONIC for measurement.
The sophisticated electronics contained in the hygrometer are based on AirChip 3000 technology and in combination with modern sensor technology and high integration, these hygrometers achieve excellent accuracy and long-term stability (it does not exceed 1% RH / year).

The basis of the RVT12, RVT12/RK hygrometers is the HygroClip2 probe type HC2-S3. The probe is complemented by a 2 m (5 m) long connecting cable with one free end. the hygrometer has two voltage analog outputs 0..1 V (0..100% RH; -40 ... + 60 °C) and requires an external supply voltage of 3.3 V for proper operation. The RVT12/RK hygrometer is supplemented by a radiation cover RK5 (RK7).

The RVT13, RVT13/RK hygrometers contain the same type of probe (HC2-S3) and are intended for connection to FIEDLER telemetry and recording units via the RS485 digital interface, and the sensors are also powered from these units (5 to 14 VDC). The interface used allows you to connect more hygrometers to one recording station, even at a distance of up to 500 m.

Application of hygrometers RVT12, RVT13

Relative humidity and air temperature sensors RVT12 or RVT13 have a wide application:

  • Meteorological stations, monitoring of biosystems
  • Process monitoring in laboratories
  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Climatic chambers and drying plants
  • Sterilization processes
  • Universities, development and research workplaces
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Intelligent building management
  • Museums, depositories and monuments

In addition, the hygrometers of the RVT13/RK series are equipped with a robust radiation cover RK5 (RK7) and are designed mainly for meteorological stations equipped with M4016, STELA, H1, H2 or H7 units, with which they communicate via RS485 under FINET or Modbus RTU protocols.
Measured data from these stations are automatically transferred (via GSM/GRS network) to a secure database on the Internet and accessible to an authorized user via a standard web browser (graphs, spreadsheets, data exports to the client's PC, reports and reports, ...).

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HygroCllip2 probes

The HygroClip2 probes used in hygrometers are manufactured in various mechanical designs and are also optimized in terms of the sensor used for the specific method of their use: chemically resistant, mechanically resistant, fast-response, temperature-tolerant sensors, etc.

The probes themselves can also be connected to a PC via an active connector adapter and UART interface (ASCI) and perform their diagnostics, single-point or multi-point calibration, change measuring ranges and read statistical values or continuously calculated dew point. For this purpose, the manufacturer offers calibration standards (10%, 35% and 80% RH) including the calibration jig itself.

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Basic technical parameters

Measuring probeHygroClip2 typ HC2-S3
Sensor typeROTRONIC HYGROMER ® IN-1, Pt100 třída A
Humidity measuring range0 to 100 % RV
Temperature measuring range-50 to 100°C
Long-term temperature stabilitybetter than1% RV; 0,1°C /rok
Standard accuracy±0,8 % RV / ±0,1°C; 23°C ±5 K
Increased accuracy (HS2-S3H probe)±0,5 % RV / ±0,1°C; 23°C ±5 K
Measurement reproducibility0,02 %RV / 0,01°C
Response time< 15 sec (without filter)
Probe replacement filterfilter with polyethylene insert, 40 μm
Probe operating temperature50 to 100°C, 0 to 100 % RV
Probe dimensionsprobe diameter 15 mm, probe length 92 mm
Sensor size ../RK77 shielding lamellas, diameter 145 mm, height 110 mm
Output signal SHT12/RK72x programmable output 0 to 1 V
Output signal SHT13/RK7RS485 (FINET protocol, Modbus RTU)
SHT12/RK7 cable connectionM12 connector, 2m, 5m or 10m cable, free termination
SHT13/RK7 cable connectionM12 connector, 2m, 5m or 10m cable, free termination
Sensor power supply3,3 VDC / 5 mA (SHT12), 4,5 .. 14 VDC / 8 mA (SHT13)
Statistical functions (SHT13 only)MIN. MAX, average
Psychrometric calculations (SHT13 only)Dew point
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