H520 level meter for wells, reservoirs and tanks

The H520 level meter is intended for measuring the water level in wells, boreholes, retention tanks and rainwater and wastewater sumps.Hladinoměr do studny.


  • Two types of sensors with measuring ranges 0..10 m or 0..25 m water level
  • Quick and easy installation of the sensor by immersion behind a cable or screwing into a 1/2" socket
  • Absolute pressure measurement allows the use of a cheap 3-core connection cable between the TSH27 sensor and the H520 display unit
  • Atmospheric air pressure sensor integrated in the level meter
  • Durable stainless steel design of the TSH27 sensor body
  • Quick setting of measurement parameters using 3 buttons inside the H520 display unit
  • Binary output for relay closing
  • Supply voltage in a wide range from 8 to 28 V DC, low current consumption
  • Professional solution at a low price

Prices of H520 level meters:

  • H520-10/10 ....  EUR 174

measuring range 0..10m, sensor cable 10m

  • H520-10/25  ....  EUR 190

measuring range 0..10m, sensor cable 25m

  • H520-25/30  ....  EUR 199

measuring range 0..25m, sensor cable 30m

The price without VAT is for the H520 display unit and level sensor assembly. The price does not include the mains power supply.

Basic description

The two red LED displays of the H520 level meter show the measured level in meters with a resolution of 0.1 m and the percentage level relative to the set maximum possible level. The percentage value is also clearly shown on the bar graph.

The electronics of the H520 level meter is completely built into the plastic lid of the box measuring 80 x 120 x 15 mm. The level gauge can therefore be mounted on the front panel of the switchboard or on the dashboard of the vehicle with a tank and without the lower part of the box.

The H520 level meter does not have its own power supply battery and therefore requires the supply of an external supply voltage in the range of 8 to 28 V DC / 0.15 A.

The H520 level meter does not allow remote access to measured data such as data loggers H1 to H40 or smart metering modules H530 and H531.

Pump or solenoid valve control

The transistor output signal of the level meter can switch an external relay according to user-set parameters.

Controlled filling:

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Controlled drawing:

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Submersible Level Transmitter TSH 27

Measurement principle: The TSH27 sensor uses an absolute pressure sensor that measures the hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor, including the atmospheric air pressure. In the H520 evaluation unit, the atmospheric air pressure measured by the H520 is subtracted from the sensor output signal. The principle of absolute pressure measurement allows the connection of the TSH27 sensor to the H520 level meter with a standard 3-core cable without the usual atmospheric pressure compensation capillary and thus significantly reduces the cost of the measuring set.

Snímač hladiny TSH27

The measuring range of the sensor is 0 to 10 m of water column (TSH27-10) or 0 to 25 m v.s. (TSH27-25). The basic length of the connecting PUR cable with which the sensor is equipped also corresponds to the measuring range.

Alternative level sensors

Using switches and jumpers, an alternative type of connected level sensor can be selected: probes with a current output of 4-20 mA and a ceramic membrane for heavily polluted water (LMK809) or a stainless steel membrane for general use (TSH35).

Level sensor installation

It is enough to simply lower the sensor over the cable into the measured object (wells, wells, ...) to such a position that even at the assumed minimum level it is still immersed and at the maximum height of the level in the measured object the measuring range of the sensor 10 m (25 m ).

If necessary, the sensor connection cable can be extended. However, due to the reliability of operation, we recommend placing the H520 unit close to the measurement in order to avoid overvoltage induction in the connecting cable or balancing of different earth potentials during storms.

H520 settings

Using the 3 UP, MENU and DOWN buttons located on the back of the device, the parameters can be set by the user for the optimal display of the measured level and possibly also the pump control or alarm signaling:

  • Zero shift [m]: the value of this bipolar parameter is added to the level measured by the sensor itself
  • Maximum 100% [m]: required maximum level height for percentage expression
  • On and Off limits [m]: binary output control



In addition to this basic parameter setting, an alternative level sensor with a 4-20 mA current output can be selected instead of the TSH27 sensor using switches and jumpers on the H520 board.

Detailed information regarding the installation of the level meter and the setting of its parameters is given in the manual for the device.

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TSH27 level sensors

strain gauge absolute sensor, air pressure compensation in H520

Measuring range of the sensor: 0..10 m (sensor TSH27-10) or 0..25 m (sensor TSH27-25)

Measurement accuracy: 2.5% of measuring range

Sensor connection cable: PUR cable 3x 0.25; length 10 m optionally 25 m (TSH27-10) or 30 m (TSH27-25)

Sensor material: stainless steel, polyurethane cable insulation

Dimensions: diameter 27 mm, 1/2" mounting thread, height 70 mm

Weight: 350 g without cable


Level meter H520

evaluation and display unit with air pressure measurement

Display: double two-digit LED display with a height of 15 mm, bargraph in 3.5% increments

Display level resolution: 0.1 m in the measuring range up to 10 m, 1 m for a measuring range greater than 10 m

Analog input: voltage adapted to TSH27 sensors or current 4-20 mA (selection via jumpers)

Output for sensor supply: 12 V / max. 40 mA (terminal 3)

Measurement frequency: 5 measurements / sec

Transistor output: open collector, Umax = 28 V DC, Imax = 300 mA

RS485 bus: Modbus RTU SLAVE protocol, 19,200 Bd, address 15 (16,17,18)

Supply voltage / current: 8..28 V DC, current consumption max 0.15 A (for 12V)

Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 55 mm, 2 cable glands for connecting Unap and relays

Enclosure material: ABS

Protection: IP66






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