Skříň ARIA s krytím IP66 pro umístění telemetrické stanice a dataloggeru         Skříň ARIA s krytím IP66 pro umístění telemetrické stanice a dataloggeru

Basic description

Universal plastic case suitable for indoor and outdoor environments (polyester reinforced with glass fibers).

The cabinet has a high IP66 protection, which protects the built-in device from splashing water from all sides. For easy handling of the door, the cabinet has a handle or a lockable lock (single key for multiple cabinets).

The number of cable glands on the underside of the cabinet is selectable according to the expected number of connecting cables. Usually the ARIA cabinet is supplied with 3, 5 or 7 plastic glands of sizes M16 and M20.

To balance the atmospheric pressure inside the cabinet with the outdoor environment, the cabinet is equipped with a semi-permeable air filter DA284.


Nerezový držák pro upevnění skříně na sloup nebo stožár

Its size makes it suitable for housing 12V / 12V and 7.2 Ah / 9 Ah.


The cabinet is mounted on a vertical wall or on a special stand ST2 using 4 holes located in the corners of the cabinet, which are outside the sealed interior space.


Dimensions of the ARIA cabinet with marking of mounting holes.

The ST2 stand is a 2 m high weldment made of iron L profiles, provided with a hot-dip galvanized surface treatment. The stand is as wide as the ARIA cabinet, which is placed in its upper part. The stand can be buried in the ground, it can be screwed to the concrete plinth or it can be attached to the railing with brackets. 


ST2 stand with ARIA cabinet

The cabinet is attached to the mast or column using two DSS-2 brackets (not included in the delivery of the cabinet) and bandimex stainless steel straps.

Nerezový držák pro upevnění skříně na sloup nebo stožár

Mounting screws are also supplied with the DSS-2 bracket.

The ARIA cabinet can be installed directly, ie without DSS-2 holders, on a small meteorological stand STO-MET-02.


Small meteorological mast STO-MET-02 with ARIA cabinet

Portable design of the ARIA cabinet

The portable version of the cabinet (-AK and -AKZ see price list) includes a handle for easy carrying, rubber feet and usually four 7-pin IP66 connectors on the side for connecting sensors and external power supply. In addition to the connectors, there can also be a gland for the coaxial cable of the GSM antenna.

The connection of the connectors is given in the manual for the unit H3, H7.

Assembly preparation

The following data loggers and control telemetry units can be placed in the ARIA cabinet with the help of special mounting brackets and holders:

  • M4016 - universal recording and control unit, flow meter
  • H1 - hydro logger
  • H3 - multichannel station
  • H7 - multichannel station
  • Q2 - level meter, flow meter


Skříň ARIA s krytím IP66 pro umístění telemetrické stanice a dataloggeru

Cable glands

Plastic cable glands are located on the bottom of the cabinet and have IP67 protection:

  • 3x gland M20 (cable diameter 3 to 12 mm)
  • 2x M16 gland (cable diameter 4 to 8 mm)
  • 1x pressure compensator

On request, ARIA32 cabinets equipped with a different number of cable glands can be supplied. It is also possible to retrofit other glands of the same type with an installation company when installing the unit.

Technical parameters

Cabinet dimensions: 300 x 200 x 170 mm

Material: Polyester reinforced with glass fibers

Weight: 2400 g

Thermal resistance: long-term stress up to 70 ° C

Protection: IP66


Price list