VYPAR-3000 floating evaporimeter

Výparoměr vapor meter

The VYPAR-3000 floating evaporimeter with an area of 3000 cm2 is a sophisticated device for automatic measurement of evapotranspiration and rainfall. In addition, wind speed and direction (sensors WS103 and WD360), global radiation (Net radiometer NR Lite 2), humidity and air temperature (sensors RVT13 / RK7), rainfall (optical rain gauge RG-114) and water temperature are continuously measured at five different depths, including the surface temperature of the water inside the evaporator vessel (precision Pt100 temperature sensors).

Výparoměr vapor meter

Evaporimeter control system

The central measuring station of the VYPAR-3000 evaporimeter consists of a telemetry unit H7, which controls the automated operation of the evaporimeter as well as data collection from connected meteorological sensors and sensors via a specially designed module. Automated operation of the evaporimeter includes not only regular transmission of measured data to the server via the GSM / GPRS network, but also pumping of evaporated water into the measuring vessel and possibly its pumping from the vessel after a heavy rainfall. Balancing the level in the measuring vessel with the level in the calming bath of the evaporator is performed at midnight, so that the continuous daily measurement of evaporation is not disturbed by abrupt changes after pumping.

Výparoměr vapor meter

If necessary, the floating evaporimeter can be supplemented with other measured quantities using sensors connected to free inputs of the H7 measuring control panel.

The power supply of the measuring control panel and the control unit of the evaporimeter station is provided by a maintenance-free 12 V accumulator charged from two differently oriented solar panels.

Mechanical design

The robust stainless steel construction of this relatively large floating evaporimeter (assembled evaporimeter has dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 m) with a central evaporator located in the soothing bath helps stable and reliable measurement of both evapor and rainfall, even in stronger winds. Nevertheless, in order not to burden the measurement with random inclinations of the evaporimeter at larger waves, the measuring unit of the evaporimeter repeatedly performs a large number of measurements and calculates the achieved evaporation (precipitation) from them using the filter.

The soothing bath with a floor plan of 1.1 x 1.1 m also has a protective collar, which significantly reduces the penetration of water splinters into the measuring container in the middle of the bath. Because the soothing bath is connected to the surroundings, the level in the measuring vessel is practically as high as the surrounding level, which has a positive effect on maintaining similar conditions inside and outside the measuring vessel (air humidity, water and air temperature). The measuring vessel itself with a diameter of 620 mm is 500 mm deep, but its edge exceeds the surrounding level by only about 10 cm, so that the shading of the level in the measuring vessel is minimal even in low sun.

Assembly and installation

The floating evaporimeter can be relatively easily disassembled into 2 parts with a size of 2.5 x 1.3 m by means of screw connections, so that it can be easily transported before and after the summer season, for example only with the help of a trailer connected behind a car. For this reason, the evaporator's cabling is also made using detachable connector connections, including meteorological sensors.

Výparoměr vapor meter 

The following figure shows the two parts of the evaporimeter placed on top of each other just after transport before assembling the evaporimeter. 

Výparoměr vapor meter

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