Akumulátor 12V/9Ah

Note: The 12V / 9Ah battery offered in the price list may not correspond to the brand and type of battery shown in the picture and in the enclosed data sheet.


The 12V / 9Ah battery is suitable for powering telemetry stations that do not have a permanent power supply from an external power supply or those stations that require long-term operation in the order of days to weeks even after a power failure.

Due to its size, the battery is designed primarily for those monitoring and telemetry units that are located in ARIA32 cabinets.

Battery charging from a photovoltaic solar panel

The 12V / 9Ah battery can be charged from the solar photovoltaic panel and thus ensure virtually unattended operation of the measuring station.

In this case, however, it is necessary to connect an RS13 charge controller between the solar panel and the battery. On the one hand, it ensures that the battery is not overcharged on clear days, on the other hand, it disconnects the battery from the load (measuring unit) in case its voltage drops below 11.1V and thus prevents irreversible destruction of the battery due to its deep discharge. The controller automatically reconnects the load to the battery only when the voltage at the battery terminals rises to 12.1V.

The RS13 controller is not required for stations of type H3, H7, Q2 and E2 with connection board TB1, which contains its own charging controller.

Charging the battery from an AC adapter.

Some terminal boards of FIEDLER AMS units contain electronic circuits which, in addition to the unit's own power supply, also allow the connected backup battery to be charged with a voltage of 13.5 to 13.7V.

Units with TB2 connection board require a 24V supply voltage and contain their own charging regulator, which ensures the required optimal charging voltage of 13.5 to 13.8 depending on the ambient temperature.

The TB3 connection board, powered directly from the 230 VAC mains voltage, works in a similar way.

On the other hand, these are units with simple terminal boards of the DPD-I to DPD-V type, which require the supply of an external voltage of 13.8 V for correct charging of the connected battery.

A 12V battery with a capacity of 7Ah or 9Ah requires a 13.8V power supply with a power of at least 30W (type DRC-13.8V / 30W). 12V / 28Ah or 12V / 42Ah batteries require a more powerful power supply DRC-13.8V / 60W or DRC-13.8V / 100W), depending on the consumption of the measuring set itself.

Basic technical parameters

Nominal voltage: 12 V

Nominal capacity: 9Ah

Typical lifespan: 5 or 10 years

Operating temperature range: -20° C ... + 50° C

Continuous charging voltage: 13.7V at 15-25° C

Electrical connection: 2x faston 6.3 mm

Dimensions: 151 x 65 x 94/99 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg



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