Ways of warning when the water level is increased

All warning hydrometric stations have build-in GSM/GPRS module. This module is switched on only during data transferring from the station into the server..

Warning SMS messages

When the water-level reaches the limited level, the station logs in the GSM network and sends warning SMS messages to pre-set mobile phone numbers. The text of warning SMS message is pre-set in advance (for example: X weir 24.6.2009 22:17 the limit 1. was exceeded, water-level is 251cm). In advance could be pre-set up to 30 SMS.

Up to 16 recipient mobile numbers can be saved in M4016 station. Recipients might be grouped. This means that less important SMS messages can be sent to the 1. group and more important SMS to 3. group which contains all phone numbers in the station.

Warning by e-mails and actual graphs

graph of week data from station on server www.hladiny.cz Stations transfer data into the server, where graphs are immediately created. Graphs are accessible via the web viewer and cell phones. The server automatically sents e-mails on addresses which are pre-set in advance, if one of measured values reaches the limited level. Also it is possible to be warn of low battery power, fault of measuring sensor, etc.