Dispatching accessible via the Internet

 Dispatching accessible via the Internet

We supply data hosting (with many functions like in dispatching software) on our server to users who have M4016-G3, STELA and HYDROLOGGER H1. More than 1500 stations use our data hosting at the present.


Dispatching accessible via the Internet




Server services associated with datahostingem include:

  • Data access via web browser on a PC or cell phone. Each client has own pasword. The server is operating uder the security protocol.
  • The system generates printable charts of chosen time period
  • Special two-day charts are suitable for displaying in a cell phone screen
  • Chosen data can be exported into spreadsheet processors
  • Measuring stations can be configured through this web browser
  • The system sends emails about happening in the station (e.g. fault of sensors, low tension of accumulator, etc.)
  • The system automatically checks SIM card credit.

Operating costs:

  • Data hosting costs 100,-CZK one station/month
  • Data transfers cost about 40,-CZK one station/month
  • Total operating costs is price per data hosting and data transfers

Compability with current dispatcher control systems

If a user has own dispatcher control system and wants to work with data from flow meters with our devices, it is possible to create data file on our server. The file is automatically send ito user´s server and data are classed into user´s current dispatcher control system.