Software MOST

MOST (MOnitoring STation) is easy manageable software for parameterization of stations M4016, STELA and HYDRO-LOGGER H1. Software MOST - remote parameterization of the telemetric station Software displays actual measured data and binary inputs/outputs. Data reading is possible to do via a cable from connected station, export of data file from the server or by dial-up.

Besides graphic and tables displaying, software offers:

  • Averaging of measured data
  • Choosing of data per specific time period
  • Searching of limiting values
  • Calculation of balance
  • Printing of data
  • Automatic monthly structuring

If you buy a licence number, you can get an actual version of software MOST in section “Support & Download”. Other way, you can download demo of our software (this version does not support communication with stations).

SW MOST is not included in the price of stations.