Measurement of qualitative water parameters

General-purpose stations (M4016-G3, STELA and HYDRO-LOGGER) measure qualitative water parameters like chlorine, pH, and conductivity.

Our company develops and delivers pH-meters EMK11 and conduct-meters EMV11. Both devices measure water temperature and are joined through serial interface RS485. This means that in the same time more values like uncompensated conductivity, conductivity compensated by constant and water temperature can be transferred from the conductivity sensor to the telemetric station and consequently into the server database.

The warning system

The warning system is built-in into the software. It automatically sends warning SMS messages or emails in a case when measured values reach the adjusted limited stint.

Data visualisation in the server

The client of data hosting can set up to 8 charts on the main page of the station. More information you will find in solutions "Data collection and processing".