Small telemetric station - GSM/GPRS Data logger

HYDRO LOGGER H1 is one of small telemetric stations developed by FIEDLER AMS. Data logger is suitable for data collecting from places without mains power supply. Also, H1 are used in a cases when shroter intervals of measured data transfering into the server are enough (daily intervals). The battery is for 4.000 sent data reports or SMS messages. Data transfer and sending SMS are activated as soon as preset limit values are reached. If H1 has got an external accumulator (12V, a power supply unit), the number of data transfers is unlimited.Hydro Logger H1


  • Pulse inputs for connection of OPTO and REED water meter sensors.
  • Current inputs for pressure and water level sensors in Water reservoirs and pumping stations.
  • Binary inputs (flooding, running of pumps)
  • Data GSM/GPRS transfers into the server
  • Integrated warning SMS messages system
  • Operating time of the battery is up to 5 years without its changing, input for external power supply 12VDC
  • Parameters configurable via the Internet
  • Robust enclosure wiht High Protection IP67
  • Low operating costs

Typical usage of HYDRO LOGGERU H1:  

- Remote water meters reading. Monitoring of instantaneous and minimal night flows.

- Continuous monitoring of flows, pressures and water levels in shafts and storage water tanks.

- Development of udometric and stream gauge stations with possibility of warning SMS sending.


H1 has a graphic screen for a rapid summary of measured values (flow, pressure, water level, temperature, status of binary channels, battery voltage, currency in the connected sensors, temperature and humidity inside the device, etc.). Aslo, the screen makes easier instalation of GSM anteane in outdoor - the screen displayes the intensity of GSM signal and the total data transfered into the server.

Own battery designed for several years of running. This battery can be spared by connecting of external power supply 8-15VDC. A very low quescent current of this external power supply (50uA) and high effectivity of build-in converter allows  to use a small 12V accumulator for spared power supply.

Hydro Logger H1 with a holderAnother build-in programable voltage changer (output current 6V or 15V) allows easy connection of two pressure or wate level sensors whith output signal 4-20mA. Power supply current of these sensors is monitored. When the current is increased, user is noticed about possible sensor failure.

Hydrologger H1 has a separate power terminal where battery voltage is permanently present for power supplying of OPTO sensors.  Also, the current for OPTO sensors is monitored and its value is archived.

Great capacity of data memory saves measured data within years of battery running and also in a case of battery flat. When the data memory is full, the oldest data are cyclically rewrited.

H1has a robust mechanical design with High Protection cover IP67, which is necessary for placing in a permanently humid environment of storage water tanks, water treatment plants and shafts.

A stainless steel holder (for atachement of H1 on the wall) and GSM mast antenna are included in a price of Hydro logger H1. It is possible to order several dB graduated antennae for device installation in underground shafts and in places where is weak signal. Also, you can order an antenna extension cable.

Measuring A channels (for analogue variables)

Hydrologger H1 has 8 measuring channels for recording in 16-bit resolution. Each recording channel can have its own specific name, number of decimal places for measurement and archiving, units, method of measurement and many other parameters. The frequency of archiving is adjustable separately for each recording channel. After getting over set limits (limit alarm) or after quck change of values (gradient alarm), the station data logger enables to display more often record of selected values.

Binary B channels (for running and failures)

Up to 8 binary channels for recording of the time when the pump failure begins and ends, pump running time, information about entrance to the building, and other events that can be signalised by binary input switching on or off.

Checking C channels

Checking channels for recording of battery voltage, size of external power supply voltage, current took by connected sensors, sensores of temperature and humidity inside the data logger were newly added.

Hydro Logger H1 - openInputs

PV1-PV2: 2 quick inputs with integrated pulses counters for OPTO or REED sensors.

PV3-PV4: 2 Pulse-binary inputs for REED sensors or like inputs of binary states (runing or failure of pumps, flooding of reservoirs, security guard, etc.)

AV1- AV2:  2current inputs, analogue signal 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 1-5 mA, 0-5 mA, 0-1 mA. Variation: 2 voltage inputs from 0 to 2,0V.

RS-485: Serial network interface for connection of separate measuring probes (e.g. US1200 - ultrasonic water level sensor).

HYDRO LOGGER H1 is equiped by combinated sensor which monitors temperature and humidity inside the device.

Basic sof functions:

  • Calculation of an istantaneous flow from pulses (REED and OPTO sensors).
  • Monitoring of daily and total flow from the date of installation.
  • Calculating functions above measuring channels (total, sliding total or average, differences, trends, correction with polynom of second number) with output into the separate channel and into the SMS message...
  • Limit and Gradient alarms for each channel (sending SMS, increasing of the data transfer frequency).

Data hosting for HYDRO LOGGER H1

Hydro Logger H1 - window on the server

HYDRO LOGGER H1makes use of producers data hosting in the same way like stations M4016 and STELA. So there is no need for users to make their own server and to do operations and services around it.

Registered users have access to saved data on the server, through standard web browser, whenever. Except of graphical and chart visualization, the server also enables statistical calculations of balance flow rates, search out of limit values, data exports in several sizes and many other functions.

Data transfer between the server and Hydro Loggerem H1

  • Measured data transfer to the server in set times.
  • After alarm state evaluation, switch to more often transfers.
  • Controlling supply of the GPRS module enables long year lasting operations with no need of battery exchange - more than 4000 data reports or SMS messages.
  • Parameterization through the server including saving changes in setting.
  • Setting of time at the station according to the server.
  • Parametrizace přes server včetně ukládání změn v nastavení.
  • FW data logger upgrade through the server.

Warning and informative SMS system:

  • Phone book for 10 recipients, grouping enabled.
  • 14 adjustable warning SMS messages (aritrary text, automatic inserting of actual values, various launching conditions with operating period, hysteresis).
  • 8 pre-set SMS messages.
  • Possibility to compound informative SMS messages (actual values, remaining credit balance, maximums and minimums,...)
  • Time of informative messages delivery is adjustable in daily, weakly or monthly intervals.

PC (laptop) connectin via software MOST:

 Conector M8 - RS232, communication cable KP232/M8 and converter USB/RS232 for the device can be orderd.

Technical Parameters
Number of analogue inputs
2 current inputs(0)4-20 mA
Number of pulse inputs
2 quick inputs PV1, PV2 (for OPTO sensors), 2 slow pulse inputs PV3, PV4 (for REED sensors)
Number of binary inputs
unused inputs PV1 až PV4
Serial interface RS-4851x for sensors connection, protocol FINET
Number of recording channels
8 analogue (A), 8 binary (B), 8 checking (C), 1 text
Interval of archiving
adjustable from 1 min. to 1 day, separetely for A channels
Capacity of data memory
2MB Flash, recording up to 300 000 values, cyklical scrolling
Real time correctin
automatic from the server
Supply battery
one lithium battery SAFT LSH20 3,6V
External power supply voltage
8-15 VDC, quescent current 50 uA
Operating time
up to 5 years without battery changing
GSM/GPRS module
GPRS Calss 12, slots: 4Rx / 4Tx
GSM antenna
mast antenna 1dB, conector FME (all included in the price)
Insider sensor
temperature and relative humidity
PC connection interface
RS-232, conector M8
Working temperature range
-20 °C to +50 °C
Material of the case
Aluminium, alloy and plastic
Dimension160 x 90 x 60 mm (without GSM and entry gland)
1,05 kg including a stainless steel holder and battery
Price list