Q2 - Flow meter for open channels

Four-channel evaluation unit for measuring instantaneous flow and flowed volumes in open measuring profiles. The Q2 flowmeter contains predefined consumption equations, expressing the relationship between the level and the instantaneous flow, for all common specific overflows and Parshall troughs.

The Q2 unit can also be used as a universal level meter to which a number of different sensors can be connected.

Q2 Flow Meter - průtokoměr a GSM/GPRS datalogger


  • 4 recording channels for calculation of instantaneous flow and flowed volumes, monitoring of operating states / sensor error according to the requirements of the TNV 25 9305 standard, back-up power supply from the internal Li-Pol battery


  • Up to 16 recording channels for ultrasonic, radar or strain gauge level sensors (datalogger)
  • Preset consumption equations for Parshall troughs and all common specific overflows, general input of consumption equation, table input of level / flow dependence
  • The two-probe design of the flow meter supports backflow control
  • Adjustable calculation functions over measuring channels (sums, differences, moving sums, ...)
  • The Q2 / KDO flowmeter supports the calculation of the flow from the connected speed KDO probe (Doppler principle of flow velocity measurement)
  • Two-state input-output recording channels for monitoring the operation and faults of pumps, inputs to the building and for controlling the connected relays (logic functions AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR above the channels)
  • Technology control using 4 controllers with selection of operating mode: Hysteresis, PID, Pulse valve. Up to 16 binary and 4 analog inputs can be assigned to each controller
  • Encrypted data transmissions to the server via internal GSM / GPRS module or via Wi-Fi module, both for measured data and for parameters and commands
  • Direct GPRS communication between stations (eg control of the VDJ - ČS system)
  • Daily, monthly and annual flow volumes accessible via keyboard and display
  • Graphs, tables, overview monthly reports, ...
  • Warning SMS system activated by limit and gradient alarms, binary channel switching, ...
  • Self-diagnostics connected to the sending of warning SMS and data server (current taken by connected sensors, humidity and temperature inside the device, voltage and remaining battery capacity, ...)
  • Wide modularity of power supply methods from an external 12V battery (with / without solar panel) to a 24 VDC or 230 VAC mains supply
  • Modernly designed station with very low self-current consumption allows up to 6 months of operation without battery replacement during daily transfer of measured data to the database to the server via GPRS network
  • Intuitive operation and clear MENU, various language versions, color graphic touch screen, keyboard
  • Robust metal enclosure with high IP67 protection
  • Mounting cover or lockable plastic box for outdoor installations

Q2 Flow Meter - průtokoměr a GSM/GPRS datalogger

Basic description

The four-channel flowmeter Q2 contains inputs for the connection of ultrasonic, radar or strain gauges and, based on predefined consumption equations (dependence between the level height and the instantaneous flow for a given specific trough or specific overflow), continuously calculates the instantaneous and cumulative flow. The instrument contains consumption equations for all common types of Parshall or Venturi troughs and for standard specific overflows. The flow can also be calculated on the basis of the table-dependent dependence between the level and the flow.

The Q2 / KDO velocity flowmeter uses a KDO probe to calculate the flow, which works on the Doppler principle of measuring the flow rate of a liquid.
The measured values ​​are stored in the internal memory of the device and can be transferred to the database to the server via the internal GPRS module (telemetry station Q2-G).
The robust design of the metal housing with high IP67 protection and a number of self-diagnostic procedures contribute to the high operational reliability of the flow meter.

Datahosting on the server

The flow meter supplemented by a GSM module (telemetry stations Q2-G, Q2 / KDO-G) or a Wi-Fi module (telemetry stations Q2-W, Q2 / KDO-W) can use data hosting set up on the manufacturer's server. After transferring to the server, the measured data are stored in the database and are accessible to authorized clients at any time via a standard web browser.

Basic functions and properties of the flow meter

Connection of sensors and display of measured values

  • Connection of level meters and flow sensors via RS485 interface (Modbus RTU or FINET protocol) or via universal inputs DAV1 .. DAV4 (4-20 mA, DCL).
  • Adjustable flow blocking during backflow (drain from the measuring point must be equipped with a secondary level sensor).
  • Adjustable delayed measurement required for the start-up of ultrasonic and radar level meters (0 to 250 sec).
  • Control of the unit via touch screen or keyboard.
  • Along with the instantaneous flow, the display also shows the measured level and the total flow rate since installation.
  • Possibility of simultaneous display of values of two channels in one screen or cyclic alternation of measured values and graphs.
  • An archive of daily, monthly and annual amounts can be called up on the display.
  • Display of preset limits in the graphic display.
  • Automatic display brightness adjustment according to ambient light.


Binary outputs - relays:

  • Two relays, switching contact 250 V / 4 A, open at rest.
  • Two solid state relays, output 0/12 V-2 A, at rest 0 V.
  • Possibility to control other relays in expanding external modules.
  • Limit, time and logic control of own and external relays.
  • The sampler function briefly closes the relay after the set water volume has passed.


Analog outputs 4-20 mA

  • Two active 4-20 mA current outputs separated from the supply voltage.
  • Output settings 0/4 - 20 mA, resolution <0.001 mA.
  • Possibility to control other current outputs in external modules MAV421 and MAV422.


Flow meter interface

  • USB for parameterization and reading of archived data (USB mini).
  • RS485 for connecting sensors and controlling external modules.
  • RS485 for data transfer to the superior system (Modbus RTU).


Data recording into internal data memory

  • Datalogger - data memory for> 500,000 values (more than an annual data record).
  • Adjustable archiving interval from 10 s to 24 h.
  • Possibility to call up archived data on the display of the unit (graphs).
  • Recording the status of binary channels (object entry, ...).
  • Recording of status events (eg failures, sensor failures).
  • Measurement and data recording active even during external power failure


Warning, info and control SMS system (Q2-G):

  • Telephone directory for 48 recipients, grouping into 3 groups.
  • 48 adjustable warning SMS messages activated when the limit value is reached, power supply failure, BI on / off, ...).
  • Informative SMS compiled on the basis of command line or query SMS (current values, maximums, minimums, amounts, ...).
  • Command commands and SMS for control and simulation of outputs (binary and analog), forced sending of data to the server, ...).


GSM/GPRS (telemetry station Q2-G)

  • Automatic sending of data to the server at regular intervals.
  • Switch to more frequent transmissions after evaluation of the alarm condition.
  • Sending data directly to email or FTP server (daily reports).
  • Parameterization and upgrade of FW via server.
  • Backup of current parameter files on the server.

Optional mounting accessories        

The KR2-V stainless steel mounting bracket also forms a cover for the flow meter from rain and sunlight.

držák pro Q2

The bracket is attached to the vertical support structure using one 1.5”, 2” or 2.5” bracket.

Together with the flow meter Q2, it is also possible to order a mounting bracket KR2-H adapted for a horizontal supporting structure.



Basic technical parameters

Number of measuring channels4x flow + 4x level, another 8 channels for general use
Data memory capacitymore than an annual record, cyclical scrolling
DisplayRGB 3.5 ”, resolution 320x240 px., Controlled backlight
Keyboard8 fingerboards, mechanical press response
Analog inputs4x 4(0)-20mA
Binary inputs4 inputs, active state-switching with GND (OC, contact)
Binární výstupy2x relé 250 V, 4A; 2x polov. relé 0/12 VDC, 2A
Analog outputs2x active galvanically isolated output 4-20 mA
Optional power system12-24 VDC, 180-250 VAC / 50 Hz or only battery 12V / 7 - 45 Ah with / without solar panel
Battery lifeup to 6 months depending on the frequency of transmissions (Q2-G)
Controlled power supply of connected sensors2 sections, adjustable voltage 6 to 18 V DC
Self-diagnosticscurrent from the source and current taken by the sensors, supply voltage, temperature and rel. humidity inside the flow meter, ...
Waiting for the onset of ultrasound and radar. sensors0-240 s
Real time clockcontinuous synchronization via GPRS
GSM modemQuad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz (Q2G)
Working temperature range-20 to +60 °C
Dimensions (h x w x d)130 x 160 x 85 mm
Weight1480 g including backup Li-Ion battery
CoverIP67, robust metal case
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