SG002 global radiation sensor - pyranometer

Snímač globální radiace: pyranometr SG002

A pyranometer is an instrument used to measure global radiation incident per unit area of the earth's surface in the shortwave solar spectrum, which has a bandwidth of 300 nm to 2800 nm (see the yellow area in the figure).


The SG002 pyranometer has a voltage output of 0-2V, which corresponds to the measured global radiation in the range of 0-1200 W/m2.

Note: NET radiometers (CNR4 or NR Lite2) are suitable for measuring the total incident radiation, including infrared radiation (red filled area in the picture).

Pyranometer connection

The sensor can be connected either directly to the voltage input of stations H3, H7 and M4016 via a suitable connection board, or using a Meteo converter with RS485 output.

Up to 2 of these pyranometers can be connected to the Meteo transmitter. This is so that it is possible to measure not only the incident energy, but also the reflected radiation from the earth's surface and in the measuring unit to continuously calculate the radiation absorbed by the earth's surface from the difference of the two recording channels.

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