MINILOG - data logger for accurate temperature measurement

MINILOG - data logger for accurate temperature measurement

  • 6 inputs for Pt100-A resistance temperature sensors
  • Very accurate temperature measurement using the reference method - four-wire Pt100 connection, resolution 0.01 ° C, temperature stability 5 ppm (on request 1 ppm)
  • Possibility to configure selected inputs for measuring volumetric soil moisture using VIRRIB sensors
  • Special recording channels for monitoring the voltage of the supply battery and the current drawn by the connected sensors.
  • Small dimensions with IP67 protection and robust design adapted for continuous operation of the datalogger in the field without a protective box.
  • Up to 20 years of operation without battery replacement

Basic description of the MINILOG datalogger

MINILOG is a very accurate 8-channel temperature datalogger with a large memory capacity and a long operating time without changing the battery. The mechanical design allows its permanent placement in a humid environment even without a protective box.

The MINILOG data logger is supplied in a compact design with permanently connected cables. The number and type of connected Pt100 temperature sensors or VIRRIB volume soil moisture sensors and the required cable length are entered when ordering the device.

MINILOG - data logger for accurate temperature measurement

Connection of Pt100 temperature sensors to the datalogger

By minimizing cable connectors and terminals, the reliability of measurements in demanding working conditions is increased.

The very low current consumption of the MINILOG temperature data logger practically does not require the replacement of the built-in lithium battery for the entire life of the device. Even after 20 years of datalogger operation, less than 50% of its capacity is consumed in the normal temperature measurement mode.

Parameterization of the MINILOG datalogger and reading of recorded data is performed via the RS232 interface using the MOST program, which is common to other devices and telemetry stations manufactured by FIEDLER AMS.

Examples of using the MINILOG datalogger

The MINILOG data logger is designed primarily for accurate measurement and recording of temperatures or for monitoring the distribution of the temperature field. After minor modifications at the manufacturer, the device can also be used to measure volumetric soil moisture using VIRRIB sensors.

MINILOG - data logger for accurate temperature measurement

Connection of Pt100 temperature sensors and soil moisture sensors to the data logger

MINILOG datalogger software

Measuring channels
Each datalogger recording channel can be assigned its specific name, input, number of decimal places for archiving, units of measure, measuring method and some other parameters.
The archiving interval can be set separately for each channel. The MINILOG data logger supports the transition to more frequent recording of selected quantities after exceeding the set limits (limit alarm) or after a quick change of value (gradient alarm).
For special applications, it is possible to use auxiliary calculation functions performed directly in the MINILOG datalogger and save the calculation result on a free recording channel (sum or difference between measured channels, moving sum, correction by 2nd order polynomial and some others).
The MINILOG data logger also contains control C channels for recording the battery voltage and current drawn by the connected sensors.

PC (laptop) connection under the MOST program:

M8 - RS232 connector, KP232 / M8 communication cable and USB / RS232 converter can be ordered for the device

Basic program functions of the MOST program

  • Loading archived data from the MINILOG datalogger, their tabular and graphical display and saving the read data to a text file.
  • Data averaging, limit value search.
  • Parameterization of the MINILOG logger data.
  • Reading and displaying current measured values from the connected device during sensor installation and control.


Basic technical parameters

Number of recording channels 8 analog, 2 binary, 1 text, 8 control
AD converter Low noise 24 bits, temperature resolution: 0.002 ° C
Archiving in units of measure16 bitů, 0-3 desetinná místa
Archiving interval
adjustable in the range of 1min. up to 1 day separately for each recording channel
Data memory capacity2MB Flash, up to 300,000 values
Interface for PC (laptop)RS232, connector M8
Supported quantity typestemperature, volumetric soil moisture
Type of temperature sensorsPt100-A, accuracy class A, temperature error 0.15 ° C (calibration can increase measurement accuracy)
Soil moisture sensor typeVIRRIB
Power batterieslithium battery 3.6V / 19Ah
Operating time without battery replacementdepending on the number and type of connected sensors and measurement frequency up to 20 years
Real time errormax 5 sec / day, it is possible to set automatic time correction from the connected PS each time data is read
Operating temperature-30 °C až +65 °C
Materialstainless steel case, plastic caps, polyurethane cables
Dimensionscase diameter 40mm, length 160mm (without cabling)
Weight450g including built-in battery
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