Datahosting - FMweb a CloudFM portál

FMweb and CloudFM are online web services providing users with access to measured data, diagnostics and parameter settings of individual measuring stations and data loggers. The set of these services is collectively called Datahosting.

The service includes rental of space on a data server for data collection from stations equipped with a communication module, user-friendly creation of graphs, exports of measured data from the database on the server to the PC of an authorized client, etc. Access to archived data is allowed to authorized clients via web interface.


The older version of FMweb is intended for all types of FIEDLER devices with the exception of devices for remote reading of utilities and is available at


The newer CloudFM service is intended for all devices with an increased focus on new types of devices and remote and manual reading of utilities. ClouFM is available at

Both services differ graphically and also have different login details. The default functionality is similar, the visualization of the new version then adds several new features - for example, allows you to insert photos of the location of devices, display the location or other important information written, for example, in the form of a note in the FIEDLER CONNECT mobile application.

The cloud portal also offers a set of advanced graphic blocks for creating control rooms and surveillance systems such as map visualizations and technology screens.

The services work with the same devices at the same time. In general, the devices are available in both services, only in the newer cloud, more options and functions are available - for example, data can be included in dispatch monitoring. If the user has established access to both services, he can choose which of the services he will use at any time.

Parameterization of devices

Key features of the portal include tools for managing measuring points and communication devices. The system allows full remote parameterization in devices from a web browser from almost anywhere. All changes made in the device parameterization are recorded and archived. The user can browse the change history and restore the settings in the device according to the older configuration

Other functions and services

The alarm system allows you to set alerts associated with the monitoring of measured quantities and error conditions of physical devices in the field.

Exports in the server database of archived data from own stations to own PC for further processing

Login and connection to the services is secured by a certificate and encrypted according to security standards.

Charging for the Datahosting service

The service charge depends on the type and number of devices / stations registered with the user

  • The Datahosting service is intended for users with the number of stations from 1 to 50, while only the first 20 stations are charged
  • The Datahosting + service is intended for those users who own more than 50 stations

Prices are set for remote readings by design.

The amount of fees for the use of the Datahosting and Datahosting + services is stated in the attached current price list.


Price list