Holders for ultrasonic level meters

DUK1, DUK2 - dlevel meter holders with protective cover

Robust stainless steel level meter holders complete with radiation cover

  • DUK1 - holder for mounting the level meter on a vertical column
  • DUK2 - boom type bracket for mounting the level meter on a horizontal boom
  • Partial protection of the sensor against vandalism
DUK8 sensor holder with radiation cover

Robust design of the holder with radiation cover for the level meter

  • Boom type bracket for all offered ultrasonic and radar level meters
  • Horizontal arm length 800 mm (other lengths available)
  • The holder includes a stainless steel protective cover against vandalism and radiation
  • Adjustable two-plane cross for vertical positioning of the sensor
DUP - držák ultrazvukového hladinoměru pro Parshallovy žlaby

Special type of holder for quick installation of ultrasonic level meter on Parshall trough

  • Holder size graduated according to Parshall troughs P1 to P9
  • Suitable for ultrasonic level meters US1200 and US3200
  • Holder material: stainless steel.
  • The holder is screwed directly onto the Parshall trough using stainless steel screws (included).

Stainless side console bracket for the USX000 ultrasonic probes

  • Fastened with two screws into the side of the measuring shaft
  • Extended upper aperture - the bracket is simply placed in the desired horizontal position


Stainless steel holder for ultrasonic level meters of the EasyTREK SPA series

  • Adjustable position of the ultrasonic sensor
  • Easy insertion and removal of the sensor from the holder
  • Compatibility with DU1 bracket