H531 level meter for wells, reservoirs and tanks

The display unit of the H531 level meter with the TSH27 immersion level sensor forms an assembly intended for measuring the level height in wells, boreholes, or in sumps and rainwater retention tanks.H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže


  • Battery operation
  • Basic types of sensors with measuring ranges 0..10 m or 0..25 m water level
  • Stainless steel design of the sensor body with a durable PUR cable
  • Connecting cable without compensation capillary makes the measuring set cheaper, especially when installing in boreholes (long cable)
  • Installation of the sensor by immersion behind a PUR cable or by screwing into a 1/2" weld-on
  • Binary output for control of pump, solenoid valve or audible or light signaling
  • Quick setting and change of level meter parameters using 3 buttons and display
  • Possibility of external power supply from a 12 V source
  • Graphic display of measured values ​​on the display of the unit for the selected time period (1 hour. 10 weeks)
  • Possibility of automatic transfer of measured data to the database in the Internet via GSM / GPRS network (variant H531-G)
  • Data hosting on the manufacturer's website - graphs and tables of measured values ​​accessible to the user via a web browser from virtually anywhere

Basic description

This low cost H531 level meter does not have data memory and therefore does not allow the datalogger to function. To display the measured values, the display capability of the graphic display is used, which informs the operator about the development of the level over time, while the display interval of the display is adjustable from units of hours to several weeks.

To save battery power, the device display is switched off and only switches on for a short time after pressing one of the control buttons. The device also includes a binary output for controlling an external relay depending on the set level limits. Parameterization is performed using the buttons and the display.

In addition to the cheap TSH27 sensor, the electronic connection of the level meter also allows the connection of a standard level sensor with a 4-20 mA output. This option extends the use of the level meter to measuring ranges that the TSH27 sensor does not offer.

Because the level meter is primarily battery powered, it does not require the presence of an external supply voltage for its operation. However, external power supply of the device is possible and allows, in addition to continuous measurement, also permanent switching on of the backlit graphic display.

Remote access to the measured level via the Internet

H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže

Alternatively, the device can be equipped with a GSM / GPRS communication module (H531-G) at the factory, which transmits the measured values once a day on the manufacturer's server, where they are accessible in the form of a graph or table to the user.

H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže

The operating costs of data hosting, including the costs of data transmissions in the GSM network, are included in the purchase price of the level meter for the first 5 years of operation. Then it is possible to purchase the continuation of these services in the form of a data package for a price starting at EUR 12 / year (see the manufacturer's price list).

Because the battery-powered H531-G level meter does not require external voltage and contains a GSM / GPRS communication module, it can be advantageously used for level monitoring even in remote locations without the user's permanent presence (cottages, agriculture and cattle breeding, fishing, ... ).

Pump or solenoid valve control

The transistor output signal of the level meter can switch an external relay according to user-set parameters.

Controlled filling:

hladinoměr H531 dopouštění


Controlled drawing:

Hladinoměr H531 čerpání

TSH27 level sensor

Measurement principle: The TSH27 sensor uses an absolute pressure sensor that measures the hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor together with the atmospheric air pressure. The voltage output signal of the sensor is converted to the height of the level in the evaluation unit H531, after subtracting the atmospheric air pressure measured by the unit. The use of the principle of absolute pressure measurement allows the connection of the sensor to the H531 level meter with a 3-core cable without the usual compensating capillary and thus significantly reduce the cost of the measuring set.

H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže

The measuring range of the TSH27 sensor is 0 to 10 m (TSH27-10) or 0 to 25 m (TSH27-25). The basic length of the connecting PUR cable with which the sensor is equipped also corresponds to the measuring range.

Alternative level sensors

Using switches and jumpers, an alternative type of connected level sensor can be selected: probes with a current output of 4-20 mA and a ceramic membrane for heavily polluted water (LMK809) or a stainless steel membrane for general use (TSH35).

Level sensor installation

It is enough to simply lower the sensor over the cable into the measured object (wells, wells, ...) to such a position that even at the assumed minimum level it is still immersed and at the maximum height of the level in the measured object the measuring range of the sensor 10 m (25 m ).

If necessary, the sensor connection cable can be extended. However, due to the reliability of operation, we recommend placing the H531 unit close to the measurement so that overvoltages are not induced in the connecting cable during storms or different ground potentials are not compensated.


H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže



TSH27 level sensors

strain gauge absolute sensor, air pressure compensation in H531

Measuring range of the sensor: 0..10 m v.s. (sensor TSH27-10) or 0..25 m (sensor TSH27-25)

Measurement accuracy: 2.5% of measuring range

Sensor connection cable: PUR cable 3x 0.25; length 10 m optionally 25 m (TSH27-10) or 30 m (TSH27-25)

Sensor material: stainless steel, polyurethane cable insulation

Dimensions: diameter 27 mm, 1/2" mounting thread, height 70 mm

Weight: 350 g without cable


Level meter H531

evaluation and display unit with air pressure measurement

H531 Hladinoměr do studny, vrtu, jímky a retenční nádrže

Display: backlit LCD display, graphical display of up to 72 measured values

Keyboard: 3 capacitive fingerboards for manual parameter setting

Analog input: voltage 0-5 V or current 4-20 mA (selection via jumpers)

Digital input: RS485 (master) for connecting an alternative TSH22 level sensor

Output voltage for sensor: 12 V / max. 40 mA

Measurement frequency: 5 measurements / sec, adjustable in battery mode: 1 min, 10 min and 60 min

Transistor output: open NPN collector, Umax = 28 V DC, Imax = 300 mA

Communication module (H531-G): working band 2G (GPRS), global chip SIM, credit 1 MB / month

Supply voltage / current: 5..28 V DC, current consumption type up to 0.1 A (for 12V)

Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 55 mm, 2 cable glands for connecting Unap and relays

Protection: IP66



Price list