převodník CNR4/RS485 net radiometer, zesilovač

TEP06/P is a precision measuring transducer adapted for connection of up to 4 voltage outputs of pyranometers and pyrgeometers, which converts to a digital signal accessible on the RS485 bus (FINET protocol compatible with FIEDLER stations). In addition, the transmitter contains 2 inputs for Pt100 temperature sensors.

Net Radiometr CNR4

Net radiometer CNR4


In addition to 4 measuring analog voltage channels and two temperature channels, it is possible to obtain from this converter on a separate measuring channel the 4th power of the pyrgeometer body temperature, which is needed to correctly calculate the intensity of longwave radiation sensed by pyrgeometers in the connected recording unit - datalogger or telemetry station.

The delivery of the measuring amplifier includes a 5 m long PUR communication cable. The converter is also powered from the connected telemetry station or datalogger via the cable. The converter requires a DC supply voltage in the range of 6 to 15 V, current consumption does not exceed 10 mA.

Schema of connection of Net Radiometer CNR 4 to TEP06 / P converter

Net Radiometer CNR 4 + Converter TEP06/P


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